You may be curious about my name, Kubi. Originally, my given name was Jakub, and I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Upon moving to Sydney at a young age, I found that many people spelled my name the Australian way, 'Jacob.' However, I stuck with my Czech nickname, 'Kubi,' which felt more natural to me.
Growing up in a household with creative parents, I was surrounded by an abundance of art books and artist materials, here is where my curiosity for art and design was sparked. Despite initially exploring different paths, such as artist and label management, fashion, and music PR, it was my experience creating album covers and tour posters in the music industry, that ultimately led me to pursue formal studies in graphic design.
Today, I take great pride in crafting innovative imagery, artwork, and creative concepts. My goal is to produce work that is distinctive, pushing boundaries, and conveying captivating ideas. Over the years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with renowned entities such as Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI Records, The Voice, Sydney Design Festival, and VIVID Sydney on a variety of exciting projects.
From my perspective, effective design hinges on strong communication and having the artistic vision to exceed the initial brief.

Now, let's talk about something I'm truly passionate about: collage art. My love for this medium inspired me to establish the Sydney Collage Society in 2015. Since then, our focus has been on running workshops, exhibiting, and sharing artists, both locally and internationally.

When I'm not fully engrossed in my creative pursuits, you'll often find me immersed in weekly art projects - you're welcome to explore my creations on my Instagram page.

If you're interested in collaborating or have an upcoming project you think would be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me at